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That's a wrap - Thank you for joining us at CDAO, Government 2019.
See you in 2020!

CDAO Government

CDAO, Government is the longest running event designed for U.S. Government Chief Data Officer (CDO) and Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) roles. This forum is led by CDOs and CAOs but is open to all IT, Data and Analytics Leaders from public agencies, to allow you to meet and network with the very best of your peers from a range of organizations and experiences.

“Moving from why, into how”

This year’s event focus centered around moving from content regarding why into topics answering how. From speaking with experts in these positions from Federal, State and Local Government agencies and organizations, we know you understand why, more now than ever being data-minded is crucial, however, one thing that remains unanswered: how!


CDAO, Government helps to answer:

  • How do we implement a CDO?
  • How do we get executive buy-in?
  • How do we ensure the CDO doesn’t fail?
  • How do we show ROI when sometimes there isn’t any?
  • How do we continue to attract top data-minded talent?
  • How do we ensure Data Privacy?
  • How do we ensure a data-driven culture is at the heart of what each agency is doing?



2019 Speakers included:

Sarah Ellis Peed, DHS

Sarah Ellis Peed

Deputy Director of the Office of Cyber and Infrastructure Analysis (OCIA) in the National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD), U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Surya Chanduru, HHS

Surya Chunduru

Director of Division of Enterprise Solutions and Application Management, Health and Human Services

Ozzie Nelson, Microstrategy

Ozzie Nelson

VP Public Sector, Microstrategy

Jeff Myers, REI

Jeff Myers

Senior Director, REI Systems Inc.

Subhash Kari, REI

Subhash Kari

Chief Technology Officer, REI Systems Inc.

Caitlin Halferty, IBM

Caitlin Halferty.

Director, AI Accelerator and Client Success, IBM

Kirsten Dalboe, HHS

Kirsten Dalboe

Director of Data Operations, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General

John Felker, DHS

John Felker

Director, National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Jake Bittner, Qlarion

Jake Bittner

CEO, Qlarion

James Buckles, IBM

Scott Buckles

North American Sales Executive, IBM

Akshai Prakash, Deloitte

Akshai Prakash

Senior Manager, Deloitte

Tess Webre, Deloitte

Tess Webre

Senior Consultant, Deloitte

Reggie Dorsainvil, Deloitte

Reggie Dorsainvil

Senior Manager, Deloitte

Mark Urbanczyk, Deloitte

Mark Urbanczyk

Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Strategy + Analytics, Deloitte

Dorothy Aronson, NSF

Dorothy Aronson

Chief Information Officer, Chief Data Officer, Chief Privacy Officer, National Science Foundation

Don Lovett, DC Government

Don Lovett

Chief Information Officer, District of Columbia Government’s Office of Contracting and Procurement

Chandler McCann, Data Robot

Chandler McCann

Customer Facing Data Scientist, DataRobot

Chad Tompkins, CFPB

Chad Tompkins

Data Section Chief, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Caryl Brzymialkiewicz, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Caryl Brzymialkiewicz

Chief Data Officer, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General

Index Analytics Gina

Gina Wolery

Chief Operating Officer, Index Analytics

Index Analytics Gina

Gina Wolery.

Chief Operating Officer, Index Analytics

Jason Parman, Office of Personnel Management

Jason Parman

HR Strategy Group Manager, HR Strategy and Evaluation Solutions, U.S. Office of Personnel Management

Tim Cywinski, Virginia21

Tim Cywinski

Director of Engagement, Virginia21

Christine Gambino, Couty of San Diego (1)

Christine Gambino

Chief Data Officer, County of San Diego

Jennifer Lambert, U.S. Department of State

Jennifer Lambert

Acting Director, Centre for Analytics, U.S. Department of State

Rosa Akhtarkhavari, City of Orlando

Rosa Akhtarkhavari

Chief Information Officer, City of Orlando

Eric Roche, City of Kansas

Eric Roche

Chief Data Officer, City of Kansas City, MO

Donna Roy, US Department of Homeland Security

Donna Roy

Interim Chief Data Officer, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Najma Ali, NYC department of Social Services

Najma Ali

Executive Agency Counsel, NYC Department of Social Services

Mark Wheeler, City of Philadelphia

Mark Wheeler

Chief Information Officer, City of Philadelphia

Robin Thottungal, National Gallery of Art

Robin Thottungal

Chief Data Scientist & Chief Technology Officer, National Gallery of Art

Derek Knorr, Deloitte-1

Derek Knorr.

Senior Manager, Deloitte

Sandra Parsons, Department of Veterans Affairs-1

Sandra Parsons.

Director - Data Analytics Division, Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of the Inspector General

Mika Cross-1

Mika Cross.

Federal Workplace Expert, Senior Executives Association

Daniel Ahn, Department of State-1

Daniel Ahn.

Chief Economist and Head of Data Analytics, U.S. Department of State

Todd Balazs, Naval Air Systems Command-1

Todd Balazs.

Naval Air Systems Command Digital Integration Officer, Naval Air Systems Command

Jim Roles, Consumer Product Safety Commission-1

Jim Rolfes.

Chief Information Officer, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Darshan Shah, State of Indiana-1

Darshan Shah.

Chief Data Officer, State of Indiana

Sherika Ekpo, US Digital Service-1

Sherika Ekpo.

Former Head of People Operations, United States Digital Service

Carlos Rivero, Commonwealth of Virginia

Carlos Rivero

Chief Data Officer, Commonwealth Of Virginia

Chezian Sivaganam, NSF

Chezian Sivagnanam

Chief Architect, National Science Foundation

Dr. Robert Toguchi Resume Photo (2)

Robert Toguchi

Chief, Concepts Division, US Army Special Operations Command (SOCOM)

Robert Whetsel, DOD

Dr Robert Whetsel.

Chief Technical Advisor to the 4th Estate, Department of Defense

Alaa Moussawi, NYCC

Alaa Moussawi.

Chief Data Scientist and Assistant Director, New York City Council

Andrew Nicklin, GOVEX

Andrew Nicklin

Director of Data Practices, Center for Government Excellence (GovEx) at Johns Hopkins University

John Bergin, Army

John Bergin

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Army (Financial Information Management) , United States Army

Todd Balazs, Naval Air Systems Command

Todd Balazs

Naval Air Systems Command Digital Integration Officer, Naval Air Systems Command

Tolani Adeboye, NYC department of Education

Tolani Adeboye

Senior Director, Office of Data Management, NYC Department of Education

Jim Roles, Consumer Product Safety Commission

Jim Rolfes

Chief Information Officer, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Chad Boggan, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Chad Boggan

Chief Data Strategy Section, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Jon Minkoff, Federal Communications Commission

Jon Minkoff

Chief Data Officer, Enforcement Bureau, Federal Communications Commission

Vasil Jaiani

Vasil Jaiani

Chief Performance Officer and Chief Data Officer, Department of Public Works

Carolyn Beins, HHS

Carolyn Beins

Management Analyst and Training Lead, Department of Health and Human Services

Mika Cross

Mika Cross

Federal Workplace Expert, Senior Executives Association

Darshan Shah, State of Indiana

Darshan Shah

Chief Data Officer, State of Indiana

Rebecca Ayers, Office of Personnel Management

Dr. Rebecca Ayers

Manager, USA Performance, Performance Management, U.S. Office of Personnel Management

Robyne McRey, NSF

Robyne McRey

Program Lead for Data Initiatives, National Science Foundation

Brian Gibbs Wilson, Virginia Department of Education

Brian Gibbs-Wilson

Chief Data Security Officer, Virginia Department of Education

Tammy Tippie, Navy

Tammy Tippie

Chief Data Scientist, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations

Srinivas Bangarbale, Logo

Srinivas Bangarbale

Chief Data Officer, Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Lauren Friedland, NYC Department of Social Services

Lauren Friedland

Chief Data Privacy Officer, NYC Department of Social Services

Chris Given, Department of Veteran Affairs

Chris Given

Digital Services Expert, United States Digital Service, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

Edwin Krafsur, USPS OIG

Edwin Krafsur

Director, Healthcare and Strategic Operations, USPS OIG

Derek Knorr, Deloitte

Derek Knorr

Senior Manager, Deloitte

Marc Wine, Dept' veteran affairs

Marc Wine

Senior Adviser , U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Information Technology

Mark Krysko, DoD

Mark Krzysko

Director of Acquisition Data, U.S. Department of Defense, Acquisition Analytics and Policy

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2019 Highlights:


  1. Keynote Presentation: Expectation Vs Reality: Getting to Grips with your Data Desires to Reach Your Organizational Goals.
  2. Discussion Group 2B: Runners, Joggers and Resisters: How to Get Everyone On the Same Page.
  3. Panel Discussion: Bringing Together the Governmental Family – What can be Learnt from Each Level?
  4. Insider Session: Security Breach: Separating the intentional from the Accidental.


Top 3 Benefits of Attending:

1) More Case Studies within our agenda than ever before! – The Benefit? Hearing real user cases of how a concept has been adopted in real life. The journey from A to B, with all the barriers, challenges and opportunities in-between.
Session to look out for: Insider Session: Moving Beyond the Traditional ROI and into A Public Sector View of Success

2) Really Talking – We don’t just mean superficial we should talk about this.. but REALLY getting into the meat and bones of an issue. Our Discussion Groups allow for this. No mics, no presentations, just a group of people in a room guided by expert Co-chairs in a discussion on a particular topic.
Session to look out for: Discussion Group 1A: Attracting, Retaining and Developing the highest caliber of Talent.

3) Taking the conversation further, we allow within the agenda for a good amount of Networking. The benefit to this is being able to use your time out of the office to your full advantage – work through problems, build plans, find solutions. We have experts in the room… Use them!

Featured Government Agencies and Organizations

Over 70% Federal Representation:

This year's line-up featured approximately:

  • 70% Federal Representation
  • 20% State Representation
  • 10% Local Representation

CDAO, Government allows you to meet and network with the very best of your peers from a range of organizations and experiences.

Join us in DC next year for CDAO, Government 2020!

Join the Conversation


40+ Speakers

140+ Attendees

8+ Hours of Networking

2 Days of Content

Why invest your time?


C-Suite Strategic Agenda


Understand best practice as a public sector CDAO; hear strategies for success in the first days from leading CDAOs; and assess the challenges of Open Data Programs to increase government transparency and improving citizen decision-making.


Advanced Networking


Meet leading CDAOs and broaden your professional networking, establishing lasting relationships which stretch beyond the confines of this 2 day conference. Exchange and share ideas with your peers in a non-competitive environment.


Technology for Data


Keep up-to-date with the latest innovation identifying cutting-edge technologies that will be key to succeed and discover open source programs that will help you to meet organizational needs.

What people are saying

  • The conference provided an unmatched forum for networking and collaboration for Chief Data Officers in government service.

    Liz Rowe, Chief Data Officer, State of New Jersey

  • The Chief Data Officer, Government provided real value for me as a data manager in NYC. The insights shared by the panelists and speakers directly addressed many of my day-to-day challenges. And the opportunities for networking were excellent.

    Tolani Adeboye, Senior Director Information Management & Support, NYC Department of Education

  • The CDO Forum - Government was invaluable to my growth as a CDO. This think tank of public and private sector CDOs literally reshaped my thinking of the CDO role.

    Brandon Crowley, Chief Data Officer, City of Cincinnati

Global Highlights

Building on our global conference series....

Attendees from our global series of C-suite events tell us about the challenges they face and the key insights they took away from the event.

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