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Building a Data Driven Organization

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Justifying internal change in government is perhaps harder than in any other industry because of the bureaucratic nature of the public sector. However, with the rise of data analytics usage, there is now more evidence to back change initiatives. This has led to the vast majority (83%) of government organisations that we spoke to using data to justify internal change. Find out what changes they made in our latest study.

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The Top 100 Innovators in Data and Analytics 2018

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Speaker Content: Global disaster, mobile health IT and blockchain

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What Marc Wine's article does is provide a humble reminder of the importance of the work data and technology really can achieve. Often within events we see a very conceptual approach to topics or at least a very corporate tone– what this content does is bring us all back to a very stark reality. Within the context of Natural disasters, it draws upon the very real life and death situation many find themselves within. It also timely comments on the divisions within current bureaucratic processes which fetter the ability for innovation.

Blockchain as a technology and process has yet to be truly harnessed for its full potential and this article draws upon exactly that – giving a balanced argument for both the challenges of employing such futuristic technology in a sensitive and stressful period; disasters.

Marc will be joining us within CDAOI, Government 2019 and will be speaking towards a topic surrounding Blockchain and the opioid crisis currently being experienced in the US. For more event information please go to the homepage.

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Video Interviews

theCUBE sits down with Kirtida Parikh, Head, Enterprise Business Analytics at Silicon Valley Bank, at CAO Spring 2018. They discuss the clash of cultures between IT and Analytics departments.

The interview covers:
  • How her role at Silicon Valley Bank challenged her to think more like a change agent
  • How she helped bridge the gap between analytics and IT departments to make the internal processes more efficient
  • How democratisation of data has enabled the business to accelerate the decision making process


Kevin Bates, VP of Enterprise Data Strategy Execution, Fannie Mae at CAO Fall. Kevin discusses how he started working with data and what led him to be working at Fannie Mae.

The interview covers:
  • How centralizing and organizing data helped their analytics teams to make effective decisions
  • What benefits cloud based data storage offers.
  • What investments Fannie Mae are making to keep data secure in the cloud.

theCUBE sits down with Scott Zoldi, Chief Analytics Officer, FICO at CAO Spring 2018. They discuss the challenges faced when trying to understand the decision making process that machine learning algorithms use.

The interview covers:

  • Practical advice for managing multiple sources of data.
  • How building deep customer profiles, gives them the edge to predict customer behaviour.
  • How they help clients understand how to better use their own data.


Gina Papush, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, QBE at CAO Fall. Gina describes the challenges of having such a diverse set of products, and what this means for managing multiple sources of data.

This interview covers:
  • How the advances of technology have enabled them to make accurate predictions
  • How multiple sourves of data have presented unique challenges
  • She describes the biggest challenge she faces is maintaining trust with business partners